Ormus Minerals Effective Microbes Plant Microflora Dilution Ratios for Ponds

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Ormus Minerals Effective Microbes Plant Microflora Dilution Ratios for Ponds and water purification.

Tbsp    1 Tbsp     .5 oz  
1    tbsp/ 1/2 oz     40    gallons
2    1 oz                 80    gallons
4    2 oz               160    gallons
8    4 oz               320    gallons
16    8 oz             640    gallons
32    16 oz         1280    gallons
64    32 oz          2560    gallons
128    64 oz        5120    gallons
256    128 oz    10240    gallons

Internal Liquid
Ormus Minerals Effective Microbes Plant Microflora


Ormus EM Probiotics grown on a medium of Organic Black Strap Molassas, Liquid Ormus Minerals, Liquid Fulvic Acits, Barley Malt Syrup, Azomite, Sea Salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt





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64 ounces


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128 ounces


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Effective Microbes Plant Microflora

Aquariums and Fish Ponds Treatment  

Water quality management is crucial for keeping aquariums healthy and clean. In that fish droppings and residual foods also pollute the water, it is important
to mix the Ormus Minerals Effective Microbes Plant Microflora in the water at a ratio of 1:1000 every month to help remediate the water.

This would be ¾ of a teaspoon per gallon of water or 1 ounce for a ten gallon fish tank. It is recommended that this dosage be applied in weekly increments, rather than all at once. 

When changing the water, it may be best to change approximately half of the water on a regular basis. If your tap water is chlorinated, let it set overnight in a
large container in order to allow the chlorine to offgas.

Before adding the replacement water, be sure to include the Ormus Minerals Plant Microflora Stimulant at the 1:1000 ratio.

Water Gardens and Pond Treatments

with EM Ponds, lagoons: 1:10,000 pond water

Apply once per month by spraying over pond surface or introducing at various
central spots and peripheral spots around pond edge.

1: 10,000
3/4 tsp 10 Gallons
1 Tbsp 40 Gallons

Healthy water gardens and small ponds offer a valued aesthetic attraction to the home or business. These pools, however, develop their own ecosystems that can easily go out of balance. If the water is left stagnant for too long, mosquitoes will start to inhabit the area, algae begins to form in the water, and odors can start to appear.

Adding in a feature that circulates the water can cut down on these problems. Depending on the water quality, however, algae and calcium deposits may still form.

Using Ormus Minerals Effective Microbes Plant Microflora Microbial Inoculant on a regular basis will help to keep enough beneficial microbes in the system to keep nutrient levels low enough to prevent the growth of algae.

Ormus Minerals Plant Microflora Stimulant also has the ability to neutralize salts—which can act as a natural chlorinator—and prevent them from crystallizing on pool surfaces.

The monthly application ratio is 1:10,000, which is 1 part Ormus Minerals Plant Microflora Stimulant for every 10,000 parts of water. It is recommended that this dosage be applied in weekly increments, rather than all at once.

Allow several weeks for the materials to do their work. Some sludge from the bottom will likely surface creating an unsightly scum. Leave it and let nature do its bioremediation – as it will disappear shortly.

If you have a larger pond or lake in your area that is in very poor condition
and you would like to treat it with Ormus Minerals Effective Microbes Plant Microflora, please feel free to contact OrmusMinerals.com for assistance.

These programs are often done for lakes that have a surface area of several acres that are fed by outside sources (besides rainwater), or have been contaminated by chemicals.

For a water garden or small pond, the above application rates will work

Water Purification

Microorganisms have much to do with the process of water purification in nature.

Even in the latest water purification technology such as the activated sludge
process, microorganisms play a major role.

Self-purification power of water works well under the indigenous ecosystems
functioning properly with a rich aquatic ecosystem pyramid.

In polluted water with sludge accumulating at the bottom and foul odors, self-purification power decrease as the result of the dominance by putrefactive microorganisms.

This leads to decrease of nutrition necessary for ecosystems to function and keep their purification.

Applied to polluted and putrefactive water, EM holds a dominant position in the
layer of microorganisms and help ecosystems revive and reduce sludge and foul odors. The purpose of EM application is not to create apparently-clear water by chemical means but to revive the native function of aquatic ecosystem.

In this sense, Depending on the overload of drainage and the volume of water, the amount and the frequency of Application of EM should be various

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